Why is pruning your shrubs necessary?

A dying branch can be an entry point for insects or diseases which can then spread to other parts of the tree, plant or shrub. Or you may want to achieve a desired look. The bottom line is pruning needs to be a part of regular maintenance program. It is important that proper techniques and procedures need to be followed. This is why it’s something best done by trained professionals to ensure all elements of your landscape remain healthy for years to come.

Detail pruning

This is the highest quality of pruning available and performed on plants which are the centerpiece of your landscaping. It involves crown cleaning to decrease disease and insect populations, and improve plant health.

It utilizes crown thinning throughout the entire plant, even to the branch ends as this kind of detail pruning places the emphasis on the aesthetics of the plant.

Hand pruning for best results

Hand pruning is utilized to contain and prune the plant to its natural shape using hand tools. Visible dead and/or diseased wood is removed, leaving the plant with the natural appearance typical of its species. Hand pruning is preferred over shearing for many species of plants as it’s better for health and appearance.


With this method, we trim your shrubs using power shears to contain plant size. Only 1 or 2 years’ growth is removed so the plant has a smooth formal appearance.


This process uses power shears to reduce the size of plants that have outgrown their planting area so up to 4 years of growth is usually removed. Some temporary browning of the plant is common until new growth emerges.

Rejuvenation pruning

Only recommended for some species of shrubs or plants, this process removes one-third of the canes of the shrub to revitalize growth.

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